“It’s Your Cuppa” Hunt starts June 15, 2012

Boy, the summer has barely started and already the craziness has begun! I’ve been working on creating items for upcoming hunts, so between that and summertime RL activities I hadn’t even realized that almost a month has passed since I posted on this blog.

The “It’s Your Cuppa” Hunt starts on Friday. It’s a smallish hunt, with just over thirty locations participating. This time SFW paid for a preferred location in the hunt order (within the first 10 stores) so we’ll see if that makes a difference. This hunt’s theme has to do with coffee, tea, coffeehouses, and everything we enjoy about them. Since on most days I find myself wishing for a coffee IV, I knew right away what I wanted to do for this hunt.

With the weather getting nicer out, I find myself talking my laptop outside and enjoying the weather. There’s something about the sounds of the birds and the fresh air that makes thinking and solving problems so much easier. I hope you enjoy the items I included in this hunt gift and find something great to do with them.



About Liya Caedmon

Liya owns and runs SFW Industries, a SecondLife-based business that deals in business-friendly furnishing and professional attire for men and women.

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