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Now Selling Mesh!

Well, after much research, I’ve decided to make the leap into selling mesh at the store. Mesh is still in it’s infancy in Second Life, but it’s gaining traction at a rapid pace. Just like the old sculpty vs. prim debate, there are some things that mesh are/will be good for, and some things where sculpties or primitive objects will be better. (For a great video intro to mesh, see the bottom of this posting.)

The early adopters have really been exploring the area of mesh clothing. Clothing, especially flowy, fluid garments like skirts, have always been a big problem in SL. Many creative people have come up with solutions to this, but they all had their own set of glitches and workarounds (hullo “glitch pants”, which always seemed to come packaged with a prim flexi skirt).

Anyway, since I am still learning how to make “rigged mesh” clothing in Maya, for the time being I am licensing mesh items from one of the top mesh designers in Second Life, Damien Fate. Damien’s products are excellent, and designing textures for them is straightforward. Starting tomorrow, we’ll be releasing mesh clothing and home/office decor items, both in the in-world store and on SL Marketplace. Stay tuned for more announcements of when these new products will be available.

If you’ve heard the term “mesh” but you’d like an overview as to what it is, this is a great video that explains it in a nutshell:

The Second Life Wiki has a great FAQ page devoted to Mesh.