About SFW

SFW Industries is a play on the acronym NSFW, as in “Not Safe For Work”. This acronym is commonly appended to website links office workers send to each other, to let others know they shouldn’t access the material while in the workplace.

SFW, therefore, IS “safe for work” — in fact, it’s designed for it. SFW Industries aims to create a Second Life experience that is appropriate for the corporate office environment. It creates and sells professional clothing, office furniture, accessories, realistic avatar bodies, and useful time-saving collaboration tools all in an office-friendly atmosphere which is safe for work-time browsing.

SFW Industries would like to promote the use of Second Life as a viable platform for business-related interaction; it’s the ultimate in collaborative tools. Fortune 500 companies like IBM and Avaya are already saving millions in costs related to travel and conference fees by utilizing virtual environments for presentations, educational experiences, product and environmental prototyping.

We welcome your questions on how best to present the idea of virtual collaboration to your management, or how to connect geographically distant team members so they can benefit from enhanced communication. We also offer consultative and training services to make the jump to virtual interaction as smooth as possible.


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