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Product Preview: Arcline Collaboration Set

I’m excited to show you our latest project, the Arcline Collaboration Set. It is designed to serve the needs of inworld teams who need a simple, good-looking table and chair system, but this set has the added function of being able to rezz props.

The table can accommodate eight seats (chairs are currently available in two choices of upholstery). Several seating animations are built into the chairs and allow individual AVs to customize the pose to fit their avatar better. Participants can touch the table in front of them and rezz several different objects: a Citrus laptop, a steaming coffee mug, zippered padfolio, and more.

I purposely called it a “collaboration set” instead of a “conference table set”, even though that’s what it looks like, because I don’t want this to be limited to just business, corporate use. It should work well for any team that needs to gather around a table to share ideas!