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Product Release: Flared Skirts (Rigged Mesh)

I have a customer suggestion to thank for this week’s release of plaid patterned rigged mesh skirts, designed to coordinate with the preexisting Tan Plaid skirt. These skirts come in Average and Curvy sizes, and work with the Standard Sizing System (XXS-M, but not L) and the Ginger Sizing System (all sizes). Click the images to jump directly to that product listing on Marketplace, or buy the item in-world here:


Product Release: Ladies’ Mesh Metro Vests

A new mesh-based ladies’ top, called the “Metro Vest”, was just released this week, both on SL Marketplace and in the LOFT store. Remember, the LOFT is being remodeled, so things may look a little wonky.

This is SFW’s first experiment with releasing clothing that adheres to the popular “Standard Sizing” system, and I am anxious to see how it’s received. Standard Sizing has it’s pros and cons, with very strong opinions on either side of the fence, but from a business standpoint it makes sense for SFW. You can get copies of the Standard Sizing shapes for free from Marketplace, or for your convenience I’ve copied the information notecard that is packaged with it onto a post in this blog.

Click the images to jump directly to that product listing on Marketplace, or buy the item in-world here:

What is “Standard Sizing”?

DISCLAIMER: Neither SFW Industries or Liya Caedmon is the original author of this content, and we do not intend to take any credit or responsibility for the accuracy of it. It is simply republished here as a service to SFW’s customers.

We are Minnu Palen & Thora Charron (of LeLutka), Siddean Munro (of SLink), Elie & Anouk Spot (of Mon Tissu) and Jaden Celoe & Shay Sibrian (of Celoe). With the rising popularity of rigged mesh clothing and accessories, we have discovered that it is difficult for shoppers to be sure that designers are creating mesh clothing in sizes that will suit their avatar shapes.  Likewise, it is impossible for designers to know how to size their rigged mesh clothing because of the extremely wide range of shapes used in Second Life.  In response, we have developed a solution: the Standard Sizing system.  The following questions and answers will inform you about the details of this system and hopefully encourage designers to implement it and consumers to take advantage of it.

What is Standard Sizing?
Standard Sizing is a system created to standardize avatar shapes so that rigged mesh clothing can be created to fit most adult human female avatars and so that consumers will be able to objectively identify their own avatar with one of the Standard Sizes, enabling them to comfortably purchase rigged mesh clothing and accessories. We have created a group of 5 shapes representing the 5 most common adult human female avatar sizes in Second Life: Extra Extra Small (XXS), Extra Small (XS), Small (S), Medium (M), and Large (L).

What is the purpose of Standard Sizing?
Creators and shoppers would benefit greatly from having a common language to communicate about sizing of garments and accessories for avatars.  As a consumer, you can determine which Standard Size is closest to your favorite shape and buy clothing in that size.  As a creator, you can fit your designs to the Standard Sizes, guaranteeing that they will fit a wide range of customer shapes.

The five Standard Sizes for men

How do you know the Standard-Sized shapes are accurate?
The numbers we used to create the 5 Standard-Sized shapes for both genders were calculated using the results of a survey of over 500 adult human female avatars and over 200 adults human male avatars. The survey information focused on the following measurements: Body Fat, Torso Muscle, Breast Size, Love Handles, Belly Size, Leg Muscle, Butt Size, and Saddle Bags (for females) and Body Fat, Belly Size, Torso Muscle, Love Handles, Leg Muscle, Butt Size, Saddle Bags, Package and Pectorals (for males). Because rigged mesh responds to variations in Heights (including Height, Torso Length, and Leg Length) and Widths (including Body Thickness, Shoulder Width, Hip Width, etc.) on its own, these measurements were not included in the survey.

Where are women’s XL and XXL?
Based on our survey results, very few users identify their avatar shapes as XL or XXL.  Limiting our sizes to XXS-L should make for an easier transition into widespread use of the Standard Sizing system. If a designer wanted to create clothing larger than Standard L, they absolutely could.

Won’t we look like a bunch of clones if we’re all using the same 5 shapes?
Being able to express your individual personality and style through a unique avatar is one of the foundations of Second Life.  We do not want to limit that any more than is necessary to provide a basic reference point for avatar sizing.  Of the dozens of measurements that make up each person’s shape, only 8 of them are relevant to each of the 5 Standard Sizes.  Even those 8 can be tweaked and still fit that size.  This allows a person to largely preserve their original shape, with the added benefit of knowing their Standard Size, and being able to shop comfortably for rigged mesh clothing.

Where can I get these shapes and how much do they cost?
You can download all 5 of the Standard-Sized shapes for free from the Marketplace here: ( ). They are full permissions, so you are free to modify them or use the numbers as you please. However, note that making changes to the following measurements may compromise the way Standard-Sized rigged mesh garments fit you: Body Fat, Torso Muscle, Breast Size, Love Handles, Belly Size, Leg Muscle, Butt Size, & Saddle Bags (We recommend that these measurements be changed only slightly, if at all).

What if my own personal avatar size doesn’t match one of the Standard Sizes?
Your shape will most likely fit into one of the Standard Size categories. Since all rigged mesh clothing will probably include alpha bases, minor size variations of the 8 measurements listed previously will be will hidden, along with any glitching due to posing or animating.  If this is not the case, you may want to modify your shape so that clothing fitted for a Standard Size will also fit you.

The five Standard Sizes for women

I am a creator. How do I make use of the Standard-Sized shapes, and how do I let my customers know I am using Standard Sizing?
You can download the 3d files here ( ). Once you load the Standard-Sized shapes into your 3d programs, you can build your clothing around them.  Included in your download is an icon that represents your use of Standard Sizing. You can display this icon in your store, on your vendors, in your blog, etc. Hopefully, as Standard Sizing becomes more widely used, this icon will be easily recognized in the Second Life community. You can also have your store listed in the directory of shops offering Standard Sizing by filling out the form under “Stores/Creators”, found here: . Be sure to check the boxes next to Standard Sizing and Mesh.

How do I let my customers know what Standard Sizing is?
Feel free to distribute the information provided here any way you’d like!

I create and sell shapes. Can I use the Standard-Sized shapes as a base for shapes that I sell?

A directory of shops offering Standard Sizing can be found here:

If you have any questions or comments please join the in-world group “Standard Sizing System”.  This is a discussion group for Standard Sizing issues where you’re free to voice any concerns or suggestions via chat.

Below you will find measurements for each of the Standard-Sized shapes:

Body Fat: 0
Torso Muscle: 21
Breast Size: 32
Love Handles: 22
Belly Size: 0
Leg Muscle: 40
Butt Size: 24
Saddle Bags: 22

Body Fat: 5
Torso Muscle: 31
Breast Size: 48
Love Handles: 25
Belly Size: 2
Leg Muscle: 45
Butt Size: 34
Saddle Bags: 30

Body Fat: 7
Torso Muscle: 35
Breast Size: 52
Love Handles: 28
Belly Size: 3
Leg Muscle: 50
Butt Size: 38
Saddle Bags: 33

Body Fat: 11
Torso Muscle: 38
Breast Size: 58
Love Handles: 31
Belly Size: 6
Leg Muscle: 56
Butt Size: 44
Saddle Bags: 36

Body Fat: 24
Torso Muscle: 48
Breast Size: 71
Love Handles: 39
Belly Size: 14
Leg Muscle: 69
Butt Size: 62
Saddle Bags: 45


Body Fat: 0
Belly Size: 0
Torso Muscle: 28
Love Handles: 11
Leg Muscle: 43
Butt Size: 30
Saddle Bags: 11
Package: 6
Pectorals: 50

Body Fat: 1
Belly Size: 0
Torso Muscle: 37
Love Handles: 19
Leg Muscle: 49
Butt Size: 41
Saddle Bags: 16
Package: 16
Pectorals: 40

Body Fat: 5
Belly Size: 3
Torso Muscle: 51
Love Handles: 28
Leg Muscle: 61
Butt Size: 55
Saddle Bags: 31
Package: 31
Pectorals: 27

Body Fat: 13
Belly Size: 9
Torso Muscle: 72
Love Handles: 35
Leg Muscle: 76
Butt Size: 65
Saddle Bags: 49
Package: 49
Pectorals: 10

Body Fat: 22
Belly Size: 14
Torso Muscle: 88
Love Handles: 42
Leg Muscle: 85
Butt Size: 73
Saddle Bags: 56
Package: 56
Pectorals: 1